The Camden Room

The Camden Room takes its name from Westminster School Head Master, William Camden (1551-1623) whose portrait hangs on the west wall. Camden is one of the school’s best known Head Masters, an antiquarian, historian, topographer and herald, perhaps best known for his great work Britannia which surveyed the geography and history of Great Britain and […]

The Armada Tables? by Ben Goodrick-Green and William Mirza

College Hall is one of the oldest and perhaps most remarkable parts of Westminster School. It has survived over six hundred and fifty years, encompassing different ages, social upheaval and times of both prosperity and hardship at Westminster, to be the place where much of the school eats its breakfast, lunch and dinner today. It […]

Elizabeth Primae Reginae by Ben Goodrick-Green and William Mirza

On the 21st May 2010, the 450th¬†anniversary of the re-founding of our school in 1560, a brand new statue of Elizabeth I was unveiled in yard by HM The Queen. Although there are no longer any pupils at the school who witnessed this special event, it has been fully recorded in the Archives here at […]